Shaun Haines and Friends Reduce Homelessness in SF



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Shaun Haines first became homeless at 19 and has since dedicated his life to supporting those who are unlucky to find themselves in the same boat.

His approach? While he’s a man of considerable dedication, he knows this issue isn’t a one-person job. He allies up with other dogged folks committed to ending homelessness, harnessing their empathy superpowers to create real change.

Haines is the founder of San Francisco Impact Partners, a nonprofit that works to give everyone access to essentials like shelter, shower, laundry, meals, internet, and a place to safely store their belongings. Haines pays particular attention bringing these resources to the LGBTQ homeless folks, a community that often face exceptional difficulties.

Through partnerships with other businesses and organizations, they aim to fill the gaps that current resources aren’t meeting.

SF Homeless Project: Gay man launches new homeless nonprofit

Bay Area Reporter - Serving the San Francisco Bay Area Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender communityby Matthew S. BajkoWednesday, Jun 27, 2018Full Story

img_3585Amid his duties as an honoree at last weekend’s Pride celebration, Shaun Haines was overseeing the public debut of a new nonprofit aimed at giving homeless people in San Francisco a leg up.



San Francisco Impact Partners, which Haines founded last year, organized a care package pop-up Saturday afternoon at the Episcopal Church of Saint John the Evangelist on 15th Street between the city’s Mission and gay Castro districts. Volunteers handed out packs filled with personal hygiene products like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and mouthwash.

Recently Updated92According to Haines, the majority of the 100 homeless people they saw that day were African-American and Latino, some of whom were transgender men and women. He hopes to regularly hold the pop-up events in the coming months.


img_3591“I hope they will get bigger and bigger as we progress and are able to provide more services as time goes on,” said Haines, 40, a gay man who received this year’s Heritage of Pride Pride Community Award and rode in the parade Sunday in an open-top convertible.

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Saturday, October 20 at 1 PM – 4 PM
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Please join us at OurTownSF Non-Profit Expo. We are recruiting volunteers!

Our mission is to close the gaps in supportive resources for those most in need and to create new opportunities for San Franciscans to succeed. San Francisco Impact Partners will foster relationships between businesses, organizations and local leaders through workshops, internships, and civic engagement projects to create a stable platform on which we work together to remediate harsh disparities for those experiencing poverty, displacement, and homelessness.

  • Will you help us raise money to build more vital resources infrastructure?
  • Will you help us collect goods for personal care packages for the homeless?
  • Will you help us build community with us in partnership with local service providers?
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Our Volunteer Needs:

  • Event and Information Booth Volunteers
  • Community Canvassers Volunteers
  • Pick Up and Drop Off Volunteers
  • Visibility and Parade Marchers

We want to restore safety, dignity, and opportunity to our all our neighbors who are experiencing poverty and homelessness.

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Now more than ever our community and organizations, like yours, need the support of strong partners. At San Francisco Impact Partners, our mission is to close the gaps that exist in funding and supportive resources for San Francisco’s who are most in need. To make an impact on serious issues such as poverty, displacement, and homelessness. We will work together with you and local businesses to create new opportunities for San Franciscans to succeed.

Everyone that has experienced such hardships here in San Francisco has been demanding safety, dignity, and opportunity and so much of our work is focused on building a coalition with leaders to work together to co-create the resources and solutions to affect positive change for our community.

Together we will accept and distribute donations of vital resources:

  • Goods for Personal Care Packages
  • Luggage and Containers for Personal Affects Consolidation
  • Essential Clothing for Safety and Success

Together we will raise funds to build supportive infrastructure for:

  • Subsidized Personal Storage
  • 24/7/365 Hygiene Access (Showers, Bathrooms, Laundry)
  • Access to Power & Technology

Together we will work to build community and provide supportive navigation in partnership with local service providers:

  • Health Services and Addiction Counseling
  • Workforce Development and Shelter Housing/Access
  • Civic Engagement and Educational Opportunities


  • Provide vital resources and stipends to homeless and transitionally housed individuals who currently out of work or who may not otherwise have access to traditional job opportunities.
  • Organize social servicing awareness campaigns to help connect San Franciscans to local resources.
  • Produce community events, workshops, programs, projects, and fundraisers.


We appreciate your financial support as it helps us to provide vital resources and organize projects that will positively impact the community.  Our goal is $100,000 in 2018. If you wish to make a pledge of financial support.

Please take our pledge:


Sign up as a partner:

We will do this together.
San Francisco Impact Partners Executive Director
Shaun Haines