thank youI know the experience of being a homeless individual from as early as age 19. I know the difficulty of being and the challenges associated with getting a job because of the discrimination our most vulnerable communities often experience in the workforce.

Everyone that has experienced such hardships here in San Francisco has been demanding safety, dignity, and opportunity and so much of my work these last years have been focused on building a coalition with leaders to work together to co-create the resources and solutions to affect positive change for our community.

Thank You


San Francisco Impact Partners

“Steps to Success”

Creating Opportunities for San Franciscans to Succeed

Objectives: We shall use restorative justice practices in public advocacy and conduct civic engagement programs in our effort to remediate disparities for disadvantaged communities.

Step #1

  • Collect: Collect resources and information from community partner and partner locations
  • Distribute: Organize and re-distribute resources and information to community access distribution points
    • Compile, make easily accessible and re-distribute information of local services and programs

Step #2

  • Generate: Establish individual contributions network to support operational expenses
    • Establish partnerships to generate revenue sources for programs, special projects, job and grants
  • Give: Create a reserve fund and guidelines for grants to community partner’s organizations
    • Create a revenue fund and guidelines create to stipend work opportunities for disadvantaged individuals

Step #3

  • Engage: Organize and produce structured community summits and special events
    • Run campaigns to generate awareness around important community needs and issues.
  • Educate: Organize and produce and organize learning opportunities
    • Organize workshops that support improving awareness of important issues