From the Executive Director

me in shirtI know the experience of being a homeless individual from as early as age 19. I know the difficulty of being and the challenges associated with getting a job because of the discrimination our most vulnerable communities often experience in the workforce.

Everyone that has experienced such hardships here in San Francisco has been demanding safety, dignity, and opportunity and so much of my work these last years have been focused on building a coalition with leaders to work together to co-create the resources and solutions to affect positive change for our community.

I presently serve on:

  • Th LGBT Advisory Forum of the SFPD Cheif
  • The Workforce and Economic Development Committee of the LGBT Cultural Heritage Strategy
  • Assembly Member David Chiu’s African American Advisory Committee
  • The Castro Cultural District Community Engagement Committee

Formerly Served On:

Member, Human Rights Commission – LGBT Advisory Committee (focused on homelessness and housing).

me in shirt

To make a positive and lasting impact on serious issues of displacement and poverty. I created San Francisco Impact Partners. We will work to END homelessness.  We are recruiting volunteers, engaging potential new partners, and of course appreciative of your financial support. Our goal is $500,000 in 2018. Every bit will make a difference, so go ahead and make a pledge.


At San Francisco Impact Partners:

Our mission is to close the gaps in supportive resources for those most in need and to create new opportunities for San Franciscans to succeed. San Francisco Impact Partners will foster relationships between businesses, organizations and local leaders through workshops, internships, and civic engagement projects to create a stable platform on which we work together to remediate harsh disparities for those experiencing poverty, displacement, and homelessness.

We plan to build supportive infrastructure across the city in partnership with local businesses, nonprofits and city services.

  • 24/7 Accessible storage options to security vital personal possessions and to de-clutter our street
  • 24/7 Accessible supportive infrastructure like showers, bathrooms, laundry to meet the needs of our homeless population
  • 24/7 Accessible power, phone, and internet services to maintain access and power needs.

I have been publicly recognized with a Certificates of Honor from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Certificates of Honor for supporting community events Assembly Member David Chiu and Senator Scott Weiner and by San Francisco Pride Board with a Heritage of Pride Award and a Nia (Purpose Award) Black Brothers Esteem for his service and commitment to the community.





Thank You


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