OurTown Non-Profit Expo

Recruiting at OurTownSF Non-Profit Expo 2019

Saturday, October 19at 1 PM – 4 PM 
Eureka Valley Recreation Center

100 Collingwood St, San Francisco, California 94114


Will you join us?

Please join us at OurTownSF Non-Profit Expo.

coverThe 4th annual resource fair of over 100 SF LGBTQ nonprofits, arts, community, fundraiser, legal, political, recovery, well-being & spiritual groups.

FREE entrance, door prizes, food & fabulous entertainment. Connect with your community in English or Spanish.

Check out the silent auction items in the toddler room and while you’re in there sign up for a free chair massage.

tOur mission is to close the gaps in supportive resources for those most in need and to create new opportunities for San Franciscans to succeed. San Francisco Impact Partners will foster relationships between businesses, organizations and local leaders through workshops, internships, and civic engagement projects to create a stable platform on which we work together to remediate harsh disparities for those experiencing poverty, displacement, and homelessness.

Join San Francisco Impact Partners at The largest SF LGBTQ nonprofit expo ever!”

We are recruiting volunteers, engaging potential new partners, and of course appreciative of your financial support.

To make a positive and lasting impact on serious issues of displacement and poverty. We will work to END homelessness.

Together we will accept and distribute donations of vital resources:

  • Goods for Personal Care Packages
  • Luggage and Containers for Personal Affects Consolidation
  • Essential Clothing for Safety and Success

Together we will raise funds to build supportive infrastructure for:

  • Subsidized Personal Storage
  • 24/7/365 Hygiene Access (Showers, Bathrooms, Laundry)
  • Access to Power & Technology

Together we will work to build community and provide supportive navigation in partnership with local service providers:

  • Health Services and Addiction Counseling
  • Workforce Development and Shelter Housing/Access
  • Civic Engagement and Educational Opportunities


Our goal is $100,000 in 2019. Every bit will make a difference, so go ahead and make a pledge.

  • Will you help us raise money to build more vital resources infrastructure?

  • Will you help us collect goods for personal care packages for the homeless?

  • Will you help us build community with us in partnership with local service providers?


Our Volunteer Needs:

  • Event and Information Booth Volunteers

  • Community Canvassers Volunteers

  • Pick Up and Drop Off Volunteers

Volunteer Commitment:

  • 1 Hour Volunteer Orientation

  • 2 Hour Volunteer Shifts




Will you join us?

Pre-Order Your T-Shirt By submitting $30 tax-deductible donation today!


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