Now more than ever community organizations need the support of strong community partners. At San Francisco Impact Partners, our mission is to close the gaps that exist in funding and support to social services providers in San Francisco.  To make an impact on serious issues such as poverty, displacement, and homelessness. We will work together with businesses to create new opportunities for San Franciscans to succeed.

iStock_000058303426_Small (1)Goals:

  • Provide work stipends to homeless and transitional housed,  individuals currently out of work or who may not otherwise have access to traditional job opportunities.
  • Organize social servicing awareness campaigns to help connect San Franciscans to local resources.
  • Produce community events, workshops, programs, projects, and fundraisers.


Our mission is to close the gaps that exist in funding and support for San Francisco services organizations. San Francisco Impact Partners will foster relationships between businesses, organizations and local leaders through organizing community events such as workshops, and civic engagement projects. We shall create a stable platform on which individuals and organizations can proudly stand as we work together to affect the remediation of harsh disparities for those that are most disadvantaged in San Francisco.

To generate the resources needed to remove obstacles and build stable pathways to success, San Francisco Impact Partners will collaborate with you to organize projects and programs. We will work together to unify our efforts to connect the people as partners who are dedicated to delivering resources, information, and services. We will take on a leadership role in creating opportunities that will be accessible to people and organizations that need them most.


San Francisco Impact Partners is set on a path to become an independent 501 c3 organization. Your donation is a tax-deductible contribution to A. Phillip Randolf Institute of San Francisco for SanFrancisco Impact Partners. No goods or services were provided to you in consideration of your gift. A. Phillip Randolf Institute of San Francisco is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization for both federal and state purposes and provides services such as fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other staff and administrative services to San Francisco Impact Partners. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, A. Phillip Randolf Institute of San Francisco is able to receive grants and tax-deductible donations and gifts on behalf of San Francisco Impact Partners. A. Phillip Randolf Institute of San Francisco federal tax identification number is 20-3787594.  San Francisco Impact Partners Tax ID is: 82-1458371.

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